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Ternio - Enabling a mobile workforce.

Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Experiences

Ternio - Enabling a mobile workforce.


Jumping on the opportunity

The Challenge

Ternio is a company with a single focus; mobilizing workforces in the contact center industry. With Ternio’s flagship product, a mobile app called TernioSwitch, they have the ability to seamlessly connect traditional contact center software on your desktop or laptop computer to your mobile device. This allows agents to work from virtually anywhere without the need to have direct access to their computer. Conveniently for Ternio, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to move to remote work. Fortunately, TernioSwitch was functional at this time. Unfortunately, TernioSwitch did not have the visual appearance of a finished product nor enough marketing efforts to get it to the right people. This is where we began a race against the clock to get Ternio, and TernioSwitch ready for market.

Our Approach

We knew that businesses would eventually want their employees to return to the office, we just didn’t know exactly when. If business owners started calling their employees back to the office before Ternio had a brand, website, app, etc., the opportunity for Ternio to flourish would be lost. We took this knowledge and created a “now or never” plan that would get Ternio and TernioSwitch ready for the public eye as fast as possible. We started with an entire brand overhaul that tapped into 2021 and 2022 design trends for technology companies. A new logo, typeface, colors, patterns, and more. With all new guidelines, we were able to crank out an amazing looking app design that screamed tech front to back. We also gave the website an amazing look and feel that matched the mobile app. We finished up the project by creating practical functionality for TernioSwitch users on the website such as demos, help center, and an admin portal.

Web and App Design

A cohesive experience on desktop and mobile –

How a single product influenced the design direction of the entire brand.

At the time, TernioSwitch was the only product Ternio was offering. We realized pretty quickly that people would be buying the mobile app, not the website. We set off on our design journey in an order that seemed backwards at the time but ended up shaping the entire project into what it is today. Most contact center software is absolutely hideous and difficult to use. We gave the TernioSwitch app an overhaul that made it stand out from the rest, while also cleaning up functionality for users. This process gave us the guidelines for how the website should look and that’s what you see today.

Graphic Design

Simple designs save everyone time –

How we used cartoon style graphic design to guide users through the website.

If we could have it our way, there would be no more than 50 words on any page on a website. Unfortunately for us, SEO exists and we have to play by the rules. One of the ways we try to get what we want is through informative visuals. You can see other examples of how we utilize this practice on our Ureeka and Frontline Group portfolio pieces. With the pairing of a clean, easy to digest graphic and a straightforward title, you can scan a page very quickly to get to the information you need. Who doesn’t like saving time?

Identity Design

“Future Proofing” a brand –

Designing a brand identity for the future.

Ternio has been around for years, but it’s been in somewhat of a “beta” phase. Until last year, there wasn’t a brand for TernioSwitch to belong to. We knew TernioSwitch was just the beginning and that’s why we built a brand that is “futureproof”. We used colors, designs, and patterns that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Now that Ternio has a strong brand identity, future content and products will have the same look and feel right off the bat.

Project Details


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Launch Crew

Coleman Milligan
Jacob Froese
Gage Milligan
Em Furukawa
Wil Martin