Branding & Identity

Swich Gaming - Gaming for good.

Branding & Identity

Swich Gaming - Gaming for good.


How a group of friends created a community

The Challenge

Swich Gaming is a competitive gaming community created by a group of Utah locals to push their passion for video games to the next level. The group primarily focuses on competitive video games such as Apex Legends, League Of Legends, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and Overwatch. Over many months sub-groups of Swich Gaming began to expand their “rosters” for their teams in their chosen games and a community began to take shape. Over the course of a few months Swich Gaming went from 10 – 15 players to over 100 competitive skilled video game players in many different styles of games. Nowadays Swich Gaming is focused on creating a community of casual and competitive gamers. We were tasked with creating a “badass” and inviting brand to give the players pride in something they are passionate about and have helped build.

Our Approach

Having casual gamers on our own team made this project amazingly fun to work on and easy to understand. Video games have for the longest time had a very negative stigma attached to them which has changed in recent years. We wanted to ensure that Swich Gaming followed suit with the shift in public opinion on video games and create something that incorporated more than a mascot. We brought in elements of the gaming community’s origins by incorporating mountains, skiing, and trees to represent Utah. We also wanted to recognize the evolution of the group and showcase the different gaming systems the community uses to play together. Within the brand you will see representations of the four buttons you’d find on a PlayStation controller, and the W A S D keys used to play games on computers. Throughout this project we were excited to be able to put some of our personal passion into the designs and help solidify Swich Gaming as a gaming community.

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