Web Design

Designs, functionality, and integrations that get your customers to convert and keep coming back.

In today’s day and age, your website might be the single most important part of your business. Don’t settle for decent functionality and basic cookie-cutter designs. We create high end custom web experiences with eCommerce functionality built right in.

Design Direction

Any good website starts with a detailed planning phase. During this phase we map out the intended customer journey among other things. This step is crucial to designing not only a beautiful website, but an effective and high converting website as well. With the groundwork established it’s time to for us to move onto the actual design and feel of the site. We take the information and plan we created in the first phase and pair it with any previously established brand guidelines to create a beautiful, consistently branded website that fits right in with other aspects of the business.

We spend dozens of hours exploring different design options that fit the brand until we create one that checks all the boxes. This allows us to create unique, elegant, and functional websites that will “WOW” customers.

OurDivorce logo iterations

eCommerce Funtionality

Branding and identity are some of, if not the most important elements to creating or growing your brand. Although graphic design is not the only thing that contributes to your brand and identity, it can play a massive role in setting yourself apart from the competition and growing your business. Creating a powerful, recognizable, and cohesive brand can be more important than your product or service itself. You read that correctly and we mean it. Your product does not have to be special or different if you create a powerful brand around it. Look at SUPREME, their products are arguably some of the most sought after and recognizable products in the $185 billion streetwear industry. What’s even crazier is that many of their early products were nothing more than a cheap white t-shirt with a logo slapped on the front. The value of their products is not in the material itself, it’s the brand.

We know that SUPREME is an extreme example of brand>product value but the core principle translates to any business. We focus on creating brands that are consistent, responsive, modern, and scalable. We do this by looking at your business as a whole and discovering what your true value is to potential customers. From there it’s all about designing your brand in a way that will attract new customers and separate your from the competition.

Content Creation & Planning

Content for your business comes in many forms ranging from graphics to videos. We’ve got eyes all over that help us understand what’s happening in the digital and physical landscape of marketing. We leverage our knowledge of the marketing landscape to help you create contagious content and connect with your customers. This can range from social media posts or billboards, to mascot creation and implementation. We specialize in creating a clear, consistent content creation roadmap to maximize your impression on customers.

Marque Cycling bar tape for bicycles

SEO Optimization

As the world continues to shift into a “digital first” view, many times the physical aspects of business get left behind. Physical menus, business cards, brochures, and packaging are just a few examples of physical goods that if not designed well, could lead to a customer losing interest or moving on to your competitors. If your design for any of these falls behind the digital brand, you’ve created a divide in the customers journey which could mean the loss of a sale.

When looking at these printed goods we take extra care to ensure they are in-line with the generally more prioritized digital brand. This helps create the cohesive brand you need on the digital and physical fronts.

Competitor Research

Maybe you already have a great logo and a powerful brand but you feel like something is missing. If you’re feeling this way chances are there is something very small and seemingly insignificant that is subconsciously throwing you off. This can happen on your website, social media, packaging, or even something as small as a business card. Something like a poorly designed icon can leave you unsatisfied with the “finished” project. We can take these small design elements throughout your brand and change them up until your 100% happy with how everything looks and feels.

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