Branding & Identity, Photography, Social Media, Web Design, Video

OurDivorce™ - A new solution for amicable divorces.

Branding & Identity, Photography, Social Media, Web Design, Video

OurDivorce™ - A new solution for amicable divorces.


Developing a brand for a revolutionary startup

The Challenge

OurDivorce™ is a revolutionary online divorce service that offers full service divorce papers in dozens of states across the U.S. with more states being added frequently. OurDivorce™ has made it their mission to provide the most affordable, easy-to-use, and effective self-service divorce process ever imagined. Approaching this project as if it were just another online service/retailer wouldn’t separate OurDivorce™ from the competition. We had to be mindful of the visual identity and other non-physical aspects of the brand to ensure we fostered an inviting and positive environment for the customers who are undeniably going through a difficult chapter in life.

Our Approach

OurDivorce™ came to us with nothing more than an idea for a service. It was our job to build every visual element from scratch and develop an inviting and positive brand identity. From logos and typography to photography and application design, we developed an image that will invite people going through a divorce to take a revolutionary route, online divorce. Not only were we designing to compete with online divorce resources, but divorce attorneys from all over the United States. Law firms have a very daunting visual identity which we recognized would not be the best approach for couples going through a divorce. With OurDivorce™ we developed a fitting design for a modern service.


Engaging Visuals —

Thoughtful visuals for a cohesive experience.

Creating visuals that represent and resonate with existing and future users of OurDivorce™ was crucial to the goal of being the anti law firm solution. Including individuals that have gone through the lengthy and painful process of a traditional divorce gave us the opportunity to have very genuine emotions attached to the photography and video elements of OurDivorce™. Without that connection of pain and understanding we included within all the video elements, there would be no way for customers to relate to the brand.

Divorced couple looking at documents
Divorcing couple working on computer
Divorcing couple looking over contracts
Divorcing couple cooperating

Visual Representation

We won’t pretend we spent hours of research and testing to come up with the colors or graphic design elements. Put simply, we know blue conveys emotions of tranquility and calmness. Having seen the effects of divorce firsthand, we knew that using every tool in our belt to create a calm, peaceful, and relaxed experience would facilitate a much more amicable separation. To compliment the simplicity of the color palette we made a conscious effort to keep a clean and simple aesthetic throughout the application, website, and media.

OurDivorce white color
OurDivorce blue color
OurDivorce black color
OurDivorce color pallete
Icon illustration of family
Icon illustration of a dog
Icon illustration of home for sale
Icon illustration of car
Icon illustration of bag of money
Icon illustration of egg in nest
Icon illustration of stocks bar graph
Icon illustration of sculpture
Icon illustration of tool box
Icon illustration of vinyl record
Icon illustration of tent
Icon illustration of television
Icon illustration of open sign
Icon illustration of divorce documents
Icon Illustration of Doctor
Icon illustration of gavel

Web & Application Design

Strangely enough the specifics of this project called for the website and application to be built by two different parties. We were in charge of the website, while a development team focused on the application. This meant a clear plan for the design needed to be created for not only the website, but also the application itself. We spent weeks curating a design that fit the rest of the visual identity we created earlier. With this milestone completed, we were able to work side by side with the development team to create an application that mimicked the appearance and functionality of the website.

Hero section design for OurDivorce
OurDivorce About Us Page design
OurDivorce Bottom half of homepage design
OurDivorce Resources Page Design
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Launch Crew

Coleman Milligan
Jake Froese
Kenna Ryan
Wil Martin