Branding & Identity, Web Design

Orbit - A monthly marketing subscription for evolving brands.

Branding & Identity, Web Design

Orbit - A monthly marketing subscription for evolving brands.


Our new product

The Challenge

Orbit is a TwentyThree.Five product that we offer as of January 2022. We offer a flexible monthly marketing subscription for smaller brands that allows them to get access to some of our services. This was an interesting project because it was a project for ourselves. One of our favorite quotes is, “A philosopher knows exactly what to do until it happens to him.”. This was particularly relevant on this project because once we started working on it, we forgot everything we’d been taught and have learned. The main challenge for this project was creating a “sub-brand” of TwentyThree.Five that still carried the same characteristics and feel as the rest of the brand whilst conveying a different message and clearly indicating you were viewing a different part of the business.

Our Approach

We spent months messing around with colors, border radius, animations, etc. to get the same look and feel as the rest of the brand. After many iterations we decided to take a break and pick it back up in a couple weeks. When we came back everything fell into place. We realized that we didn’t have to change much to create a clear distinction without alienating the original branding. We ultimately decided all we needed was to do a “dark mode” for this project. We swapped all the materials to off-black and used variations of the original brand colors to create a completely different look but maintained the feel. Throughout the branding for this product and development of the webpage we were amazed at what a short break can do to your creative intuition.

Project Details


Branding & Identity
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Launch Crew

Em Furukawa
Gage Milligan
Jake Froese
Coleman Milligan