Night Ride Campaign


Targeting an audience through visuals.

The Challenge

Never Not Riding is a lifestyle and fitness apparel brand based out of New York City. Never Not Riding produces high quality apparel focusing on anything with two wheels. With this in mind, think about how hard it is to see a cyclist at night. In 2018, cyclist deaths after sundown increased by 6.3% meaning something needed to be done. We needed to take the brand new reflective design on the back of the windbreaker, and portray it in a way that it can be used not only as a safety device, but also a stylish apparel piece.

Our Approach

We know riding in the dark is scary for the cyclist. Even if you have lights on the front and back of your bike, its hard for motor vehicles to see you. We began by researching apparel companies and taking inspiration from their apparel shots. This research gave us the groundwork to create a multi-styled collection showcasing the apparel side of the item, and the functional side of the item. Shooting in the middle of the night allowed us to exhibit the reflective material on the front and back of the jacket.



Campaign Strategy


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Never Not Riding


Coleman Milligan
Jacob Froese