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Love Deep Lab - Intimacy strengthening for everyone.

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Love Deep Lab - Intimacy strengthening for everyone.


Talking about touchy subjects

The Challenge

Love Deep Lab is a coaching service run by Dr. Stormy with a focus on intimacy. In today’s world, it’s easy to fall out of touch with your partner or lose some of the intimacy you once shared. Love Deep Lab provides coaching and workshops geared towards both individuals and couples that help bring back or spark more intimate moments throughout all aspects of life. Towards the end of 2021, Love Deep Lab dabbled into the idea of creating content on social media. Unfortunately every time they got a piece of content out there it was struck down in violation of the platform guidelines due to the nature of the content. The content we were creating was deeply personal and often included subjects that might be touchy to some viewers. This meant providing valuable content on these platforms was going to be difficult.

Our Approach

Similar to our other clients like Forty Three Bakery and OurDivorce, we identified TikTok as the platform that provided the most opportunity for growth. We put together a social media strategy that would push our content to the very fine and ever evolving line of the TikTok community guidelines. Because Love Deep Lab doesn’t scream personal or relatable, we opted for a unique username that would clearly set the tone for the account. We ended up with Touchy Subjects, which is fitting as the content we were creating was generally about touchy subjects. In our strategy we knew we had to create content that was appropriate and PG enough in the case children saw the contents. But we also had to create content that talked about real and relatable issues that would connect with adults struggling with intimacy. After weeks of testing we found our balance and started pushing out daily content. Since January 2022, we’ve amassed over 65,000 followers and nearly 1 million likes across millions and millions of views.

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