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Live in Theater - Immersive online team building activities.

Websites & Digital Experiences

Live in Theater - Immersive online team building activities.


The mystery pandemic

The Challenge

Live in Theater is an online team building service that incorporates immersive murder mystery puzzles into an online video meeting for remote workers. But this isn’t always what Live in Theater was known for. Before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Live in Theater did in-person shows in the streets of New York City that immersed the audience into the story. As quarantine hit the big cities, Live in Theater was forced to rethink how they could utilize their amazing cast. Fortunately for Live in Theater, many businesses that were traditionally in an office were forced to move to remote work. With this sudden shift in the workplace, team interactions and team building were at an all time low. This allowed Live in Theater to reposition themselves as a unique team building company that could put an interesting twist on traditional team building activities. However, moving from an in-person production company to a virtual team building company posed some challenges. This is where we came in to help Live in Theater make a successful transition into the digital world.

Our Approach

Live in Theater already had a strong well known brand around New York City which meant we didn’t want to rebrand with fears of losing recognition and brand awareness. Live in Theater already had a strong brand that was recognizable and scalable. What we did need to do was an online presence overhaul. Live in Theater’s website was not designed to appeal to companies that work remote. It also did not have the functionality to see available shows, schedule shows, and pay. We got to work creating a customer persona and identifying valuable keywords. Once we knew who we were targeting and what opportunities we had on the SEO front, we began work on the visual overhaul. We utilized design elements from many different industries to create a mix of corporate and production. We knew we were targeting bigger businesses that had a need for team building but didn’t want a plain jane activity their employees wouldn’t enjoy. With this in mind, we created a clean and simple website that provided value to the corporate clients without eliminating the history and brand voice loved by previous clients.

Web Design

A tough transformation –

How we struggled to find balance for the website design.

As we mentioned above, Live in Theater transitioned away from traditional theater productions to immersive online team building. We had to find a balance between short, concise, and clean designs without making the actual shows look boring, stale, and uninteresting. We ultimately found the balance we were looking for by allowing the copy and most of the creative to appeal more towards the big corporate clients but by keeping the show pages exciting and interesting.

Web Design

Making a marketplace –

How we designed the website to allow instant bookings and payments.

Prior to 2020, there was little to no need for Live in Theater to have scheduling or payment functionality on the website. They were a boutique production company that filled the seats of their shows through word of mouth, contact forms, and people walking by. Once they moved to online team building activities, they had to include that functionality on the website to streamline the process for their new customers. We created pages for each show that allowed customers to learn about the show and book instantly. This design allows for scalability as their offerings grow a simple, familiar process for customers.

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Websites & Digital Experiences


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Live in Theater

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