Branding & Identity

Hellz Hole Coffeehouse - A coffeehouse for outdoor enthusiasts.

Branding & Identity

Hellz Hole Coffeehouse - A coffeehouse for outdoor enthusiasts.


Proximity is everything

The Challenge

Hellz Hole Coffeehouse is a new coffeehouse opening up in the beautiful red rock community of Ivins, Utah. Southern Utah is known for its seemingly endless recreational activities ranging from hiking and biking, to boating and four wheeling. As southern Utah cities have grown, the need for restaurants, stores, and services have expanded into areas that were previously rural. This has given Hellz Hole a great opportunity to become a staple “tourist destination” in this growing recreational town. Our challenge was creating something that was instagram worthy for tourists and creating a brand that can withstand the competition of big competitors like Starbucks and Beans & Brews.

Our Approach

We knew we had to create something that would get the attention of the locals in order to drive traffic from the tourists. Ivins has a pretty well known attraction called Hell’s Canyon Trail which is where the name originates from. With the location’s proximity to the trail and the outdoor culture of southern Utah we set off to create a brand that attracted outdoor enthusiasts as they headed to the mouth of the canyon. We used satellite maps to take important characteristics from the canyon to create an unmistakable connection between the coffeehouse and the trail. We also used images of the Ivins landscape, plant life, and wildlife to create a color palette that screamed southern Utah.

Identity Design

Our big break —

How the use of a free tool led us to the final design.

Although we were confident going into this project, we quickly found ourselves behind some mental and practical barriers. Our intention was to visit the canyon and construction site of the new building to gather resources and inspiration. Unfortunately due to the season we would have been met with gray skies and snow which is not generally when tourists or locals are passing through Ivins to reach the canyon. We decided to scrap our trip and use resources online to get the information we needed. Strangely enough, Hell’s Canyon Trail is surprisingly not well documented and finding pictures of the correct landscape, plant life, and wildlife was harder than we expected. But during our search we ended up on Google Maps using the satellite view to get the best idea of what we were looking at. At some point we clicked on the trailhead and it highlighted the trail for us. We used that highlighted trail to create the line that is found in the middle of the coffee bean. With a few tweaks, you could reasonably use the logo as a map through the canyon.

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Branding & Identity


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Hellz Hole Coffeehouse

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