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Benefits Of Having Custom Graphic Design On Your Website

When it comes to creating a website, the design is one of the most important aspects to consider. A visually appealing and well-designed website can help to engage visitors, establish trust, and ultimately lead to increased conversions. Have you ever been on a website you could tell was designed on a budget, then hopped on Amazon and been relieved? Which made you want to buy things more? While there are many templates and pre-designed elements available for use on entry-level platforms, having custom graphic design on your website can provide a number of benefits that can set your business apart from the competition.

When we open with “custom graphic design can set your business apart”, what does that mean?

Let’s start with where exactly you should be utilizing graphic design, here’s a list:

  1. Header and footer: this one we are all familiar with, it’s simply your logo. That is custom. You wouldn’t use a stock-image to represent your company name on your website!
  2. Homepage: This is often your customers’ first impression of you, let’s make it a good one. Check out Hartzler Dairy, this website yanks each user in right when they land on the site. Who knew I’d be excited over dairy?
  3. Product pages: Now the customer knows who we are, but I really want to show how unique our products and services are. Live In Theater has custom graphics for every show they put out–each tells a story without having to read!
  4. About Us page: Who’s behind the show? Make this a story we all want to read! Not just a boring page to take up space. Check out Pretty Damn Quick’s about page and tell me you would rather look at a plain employee roster.
  5. Contact Us page: Holy cow is this page important. For some businesses, this is where your conversions are coming from–so make it an easy sell!
  6. Blog or news section: Blogs should already have custom graphics, utilize those to promote them on your website. Nothing makes reading more appealing than supporting visuals!

There are endless ways to utilize custom graphics on your website, and if you’ve followed those linked examples you can see how impactfully their graphics funnel clients down their sales funnel. Explore our portfolio to see more use-cases.


One of the main benefits of custom graphic design is the ability to create a unique and memorable brand identity. By working with a designer to create custom elements such as logos, graphics, and typography, you can establish a cohesive and consistent look and feel for your brand that doesn’t look copied from something online. This can help to differentiate your business from others in your industry and make a lasting impression on your audience. Redbrick Coffee does an amazing job keeping their creative elements cohesive. Custom graphic design can also help to enhance the overall user experience of your website. By using visually appealing elements, such as custom illustrations or graphics, you can make your website more engaging and keep visitors on your site for longer. In addition, custom graphic design can help to convey important information and messages more effectively, making your website both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By investing in custom graphic design, you can not only establish a strong brand identity, but also improve the overall user experience and effectiveness of your website.


Have you ever wanted to add a feature or creative element to your website, but when you do it yourself it isn’t quite as impactful as you anticipated? Improving the visual elements of your project, whether it be on your website or in your advertisements,  can help solve this. When a designer creates elements specifically for your website, they can take into consideration the layout and overall aesthetic, ensuring that everything works together seamlessly. This can help to make your website more visually appealing and easier to navigate, leading to a better experience for your visitors. Custom graphic design can also help to improve the functionality of your website. For example, a designer can create custom graphics and icons to help guide users through your website and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Custom graphics can also be used to highlight important information and draw the eye to specific areas of the website.

Can stock images or graphics hurt your business?

Another benefit of custom graphic design is the ability to create a more professional and credible image for your business. Using pre-designed templates and stock graphics can make your website look generic and unprofessional, turning customers away, whereas custom design elements can give your website a polished and high-quality appearance. This can be particularly important for businesses that are trying to establish themselves as experts in their field or convey a sense of trustworthiness to their audience. Custom graphic design can also help to create a sense of coherence and consistency across all of your marketing materials, from your website to your business cards and brochures. This helps to reinforce your brand image and create a more memorable and impactful impression on your audience. By working with a designer to create custom elements, you can ensure that your branding is cohesive and consistent, which can help to build trust and credibility with your customers and set you apart from your competition.


Custom graphic design can also be more cost-effective in the long run. While it may require a larger upfront investment, working with a designer to create custom elements can save you time and resources in the long run. Pre-designed templates and stock graphics can be used by anyone, which means that they may not be as unique or memorable as custom design elements. In addition, using custom design can help to ensure that your website stands out and is more memorable to your audience, which can lead to increased conversions and a better return on investment. Furthermore, custom graphic design can help you avoid the risk of copyright infringement. Using stock graphics or pre-designed templates can often result in using an image that is already owned by someone else, which can lead to legal issues and hefty fines. Custom graphic design eliminates this risk and ensures that your website and brand are original and free from any legal entanglements. Moreover, custom graphic design provides more flexibility and control over the look and feel of your brand and website, allowing you to make changes and updates as needed to stay up-to-date and relevant. By investing in custom graphic design, you can enjoy the benefits of a unique and memorable brand identity, increased conversions, and peace of mind knowing that your website is original and free from legal issues.


I think it’s clear to see that the benefits of having custom graphic design on your website are everywhere. From establishing a unique and memorable brand identity to improving the user experience and functionality of your website, custom design can help to set your business apart and establish a professional and credible image. Our graphics team at TwentyThree.Five has tons of experience bringing clients’ dreams to life.  While it may require a larger upfront investment than your cousin-Vinny’s “family special”, the long-term benefits of custom design make it a worthwhile investment for any business.

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