Branding & Identity

Alyned - Aligning data to your needs.

Branding & Identity

Alyned - Aligning data to your needs.


Reinventing Boring

The Challenge

Alyned collects, analyzes, and displays relevant data in a way that will align with your business goals. On the surface it sounds like a job you could do on your own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With so many data sources contributing to modern businesses, there is a lot to analyze in order to get valuable insights. Although the process might not be our favorite thing in the world, the results speak for themselves. However, when you think of a data and analytics company, chances are you don’t generally think of them as exciting, fun, or somebody you’d like to spend time on the phone with. That is exactly the challenge we faced when designing the Alyned brand. We needed to find a way to bring some life to an industry that most people find boring.

Our Approach

The struggle we faced is finding a design balance between professional and youthful. If you are handing off valuable data to a company, you probably want them to appear professional. But as more millennial and gen z companies grow, we know they aren’t going to be drawn to an outdated over professionalized brand. Luckily for us, Alyned is an Alaskan based company which gave us a unique starting point for the design. Alaska is home to a beautiful bird called the Tufted Puffin which features a vibrant beak. We decided a mix between professional structure paired with bright and bold colors would blend well. With the structure and colors put together, we were able to build out the rest of the brand with a modern look that appeals to the target audience.

Identity Design

Aligning Alyned —

How we designed the brand for a target audience.

As we mentioned before, this industry isn’t known for being very exciting. As young people grow their businesses, traditionally stale industries must adapt to the needs and wants of their new customers. Although Alyned is providing the same service as older and more established companies, the way we’ve designed the brand will appeal to a younger audience. We made the brand pop, be bold, and stand out from the older brands.

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Branding & Identity


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