Branding & Identity

Alisa Stoddard Coaching - Helping others thrive in midlife.

Branding & Identity

Alisa Stoddard Coaching - Helping others thrive in midlife.


A personal brand that sells

The Challenge

Alisa Stoddard Coaching is a life coaching business run by, you guessed it, Alisa Stoddard. Alisa started this business in 2019 after some personal experiences took her down a new road. Utah has an overwhelming need for coaches from all walks of life due to the interesting and complicated nature of Utah’s culture. This means many people have decided to offer their time and expertise as a life coach which creates a pretty competitive market. Before the design phase, we had to understand what people were looking for in a life coach in order to better design for the target audience. What we discovered was that people want a professional yet personal feeling from not only the coach themselves, but the brand as well.

Our Approach

There are many different styles of life coaches out there ranging from people like Jay Shetty, to people like Ella Alexandria. Some take an upfront approach focusing on sales, resources, and content. Others take a softer, more passive approach. Seeing how other life coaches built their brands gave us an idea of where we wanted to take Alisa Stoddard Coaching. We opted for a clean, welcoming, passive brand design that would rely on personal connections and valuable content to bring in clients. We did this by creating a clean and simple logo and mark that conveyed professionalism without losing the personal touch. We spent a great deal of time working the colors out in order to appeal to both men and women. These colors are more pastel which allows for a soft looking brand.

Identity Design

Inviting emotions —

How we designed the brand to be welcoming.

Being able to be vulnerable to somebody else and explain tough problems in your life is no small feat. For many people, divulging your struggles with somebody requires some level of trust. We designed this brand with that in mind and avoided/prohibited the use of any sort of boldness. No bold colors, graphics, patterns, fonts, and copy can be found in the brand in order to keep new and weary clients feeling comfortable and safe.

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Branding & Identity


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Alisa Stoddard Coaching

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