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Alisa Stoddard Coaching Testimonial

Alisa Stoddard Coaching is a highly regarded life coaching service here in Utah that specializes in helping individuals navigate the complex world of intimacy. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, difficulty communicating with your partner, or just feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you, Alisa Stoddard Coaching can help you get back on track. Alisa Stoddard has developed a unique and effective approach that empowers her clients to take control of their lives and build meaningful connections with the people they care about.

In this blog, we have the pleasure of sharing our recent interview with Alisa Stoddard herself. Throughout the interview, Alisa shares her insights and experiences working with TwentyThree.Five, discussing topics ranging from the importance of marketing in modern business to the successes she has earned as a result of our projects together. Her words offer valuable advice and guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our conversation with Alisa Stoddard:

“I’m Alisa Stoddard and I own Alisa Stoddard coaching, and I coach men on intimacy.”

What sets our agency apart from other agencies you’ve worked with in the past?

“I would say it’s their enthusiasm. They really come at it with a different angle and really fresh ideas, so it’s been a really delightful experience because they bring knowledge and excitement in a really powerful way.”

How has working with TwentyThree.Five impacted your business?

“In Facebook ads, making a few tweaks to the copy and some of the headlines and photos made a big difference in how much traffic it got.”

What is a specific project we have worked on together and the results you saw?

“I also did a rebranding of my logo and website and that has just made it very professional, super easy to read, and user friendly so that my clients are really getting to the meat of what I do quickly.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped you achieve your marketing goals?

“TwentyThree.Five has helped me meet my marketing goals because my business has filled up; my practice is nearly full. And all of the help and the ideas and the variety of things that they’ve offered has made it so that I got there quicker and with less ad spend and and less cost overall.”

What was the process of working with our team like from start to finish?

“TwentyThree.Five’s team is amazing. They’re skilled and responsive, and they make it really easy. They bring ideas –and a variety of ideas– so that you can choose and you don’t feel like you have to keep bringing your own ideas; they bring things and then take your cues and go back to get something that maybe fits you better, and they bring a lot of ideas that that I hadn’t thought of beforehand and that made working with them as a whole just it built confidence and helped it so that I really felt like they understood what I do and how to represent me best through my brand and through marketing ideas.”

Can you tell us about a time when we went above and beyond for you or your business?

“Well I feel like you’ve gone above and beyond when things have–when there have been issues with ads or other things you’ve been really responsive. Even if it wasn’t Monday through Friday business type of hours, that when something came up that you were really accessible and that I got my issues solved in a timely manner, and I really appreciate it you care about my business as much as I do.”

What would you say to someone who is considering working with TwentyThree.Five?

“I would say give it a shot, what have you got to lose? When you work with a really capable team they have a lot of resources that you don’t understand, they’ll make it easy for you. They will make it so that the effort that you do and the parts that you contribute feel really cohesive, and they can make it all meld together in a really nice way so that your clients and your customers can find you and really understand what you offer.”

How has TwentyThree.Five helped you stay ahead of the competition?

“I would say all the work with the website and with all the marketing, that the ideas that they have offered and the things they’ve suggested and the tone and the way that things are put together and in what timeline has been really helpful to make sure that I’m not stumbling doing things that maybe wouldn’t have a really good return on my investment, thus costing me time and money!”


Alisa Stoddard Coaching is a game-changing life coaching service for anyone struggling with intimacy issues or looking to deepen their connections with those they love. Alisa’s unique and effective approach empowers her clients to take control of their lives and build meaningful relationships with the people they care about. It also makes it easy for us to create meaningful marketing materials for her business. In this interview, Alisa shares her insights and experiences working with TwentyThree.Five, providing valuable advice and guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. Just like Alisa Stoddard Coaching, you can gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve your business goals with TwentyThree.Five. So don’t hesitate to reach out and start your journey towards success today.

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